Hundreds Of Gaston County Elementary Students Return To Class Under Plan A

GASTON COUNTY, NC — Hundreds of elementary students are back in the classrooms four days a week for the first time in over a year.

We saw students at North Belmont Elementary School Monday wearing masks and social distancing.  They headed back to call under Plan A, in-person learning, four days a week.  Gaston County school leaders say strict safety protocols are now in place for students and teachers, including temperature checks, social distancing, and sanitizing.  Students must wear masks at all times.  Last week, thousands of educators across Gaston County were vaccinated.

“It makes me feel better that they’re getting vaccinated because it’s a big part of that as a parent.  I can keep my kid away from certain things, but I have no control over what the teacher does on her free time,” says parent Samantha Harrings.

Gaston County students in middle and high school will remain under Plan B, remote learning, three days a week.