Married Couples Are Having Less Sex Due To The Pandemic. Here is What Local Therapists Say Can Help

CHARLOTTE, NC –  Married couples are having less sex due to the pandemic. Local therapists and sex counselors say they’ve seen a surge in business during the last year.

But there are some things couples can do to avoid negative impacts from a loss of intimacy.

“Definitely an increase in those issues,” said Jessica McCall.

She is a relationship therapist and owner of The Haven in South Park.

She says business has more than tripled since the pandemic began. Many married couples say they are struggling with the strain of being together too much.

”There is a lot of tension and it’s a lot harder to hide from things when you’re in the same space,” said McCall.

The result can be a  loss of intimacy and sex.

“When there is an increase in stress, that can impact our desire. And it’s also going to impact people’s motivation for pursuing their partner,” said McCall.

According to a study from the Kinsey Institute of 1500 adults, more than half said their sex life was in decline.

McCall says constant parenting and blurred boundaries between work life and home life contribute to the problem.

But not all is lost and communication is key.

“You have to penetrate your partner with your words. Not with the penis or with something else like a finger. It’s with words,” said Dr. Aleida Heinz, a sex therapist based in Charlotte.

Heinz says people must face their situations with their spouses.

“That’s something that you can do regardless of the pandemic,” said Heinz.

“Carving out intentional time to spend as a couple is really important especially with all the blurred lines of the schedules right now,” said McCall.

McCall says to minimize scrolling and technology when together.

“Be really intentional about putting the phone down, putting away technology and practicing really just spending some time focusing on one another,” said McCall.