Rising Mask Hacks

We’re all wearing masks these days – but sometime they can be just plain uncomfortable. So, the Rising team wanted to share some “mask hacks” to make them more comfortable, and get them even cleaner.

The first thing you can do is tie off the ear loops to make the mask fit your face perfectly. Derek can tell you a one-size fits-all mask, may not, in fact, fit all.

You can also use a headband to make your mask more comfortable… if you sew buttons onto the headband and attach the mask to those, instead of to your ears.

To make your masks cleaner and safer, some masks have a pouch on the interior so you can add an extra layer of protection. A HEPA filter is the safest choice, but according to research from the air purifier company Smart Air, coffee filters can help capture 62% of particles. A double layer of paper towels can increase the mask’s effectiveness by a third.

Ladies have some issues with masks that most guys probably don’t have to deal with – smudged lipstick.

Former First Lady Michelle Obama’s key makeup artist is sharing how to keep the lipstick on your lips – and not on the mask… and Nicole is showing us!

He says you start by exfoliating and moisturizing your lips. Our lips don’t naturally stay soft and smooth, especially during the winter when we suffer from seasonal dryness.

After that – you want to apply your lip primer or concealer… then apply lip liner all over your lips. After that, put on your lip color, then blot and repeat.

Finally, put a one-ply tissue on top of your lip color, and dust a loose translucent powder over the tissue.

Now, the lip color won’t transfer to your mask, and you can remove the color with a moisturizing makeup remover.

Now for our Web Exclusive Mask Hacks to prevent smudging…

  • Use long-wear products, because they’re designed to stay for a long time.
  • Avoid wearing too much foundation. You don’t want your makeup to run or melt from your breath.
  • Focus on your brows and eyes. They’re not covered, so they’ll pop much more.