‘Round Town With Rising: Plaza Midwood

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Get out, see the sights, ride ‘Round Town with Rising!  Each Tuesday and Thursday we scope out a surprise spot around our city.  The latest locale: Plaza Midwood!

First stop is to check out the beautiful homes on the Plaza. Derek is trying to help Lauren out, and manages to find one that just hit the market.

After that, we hit Central Avenue to show off the wonderful shops in the neighborhood. There’s a jewelry and pawn store, The Charlotte Collective – a local boutique with great gift ideas – and so much more.

Finally today we made our way to Commonwealth Avenue where you can find spots like Moxie Mercantile – a community-centered boutique that finds emerging artists and local talent. There’s also Undercurrent Coffee, and the Common Market – a great spot for breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks or anything in between.