Hidden Gems of CLT: Zack’s Hamburgers

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CHARLOTTE, NC — What are you missing in your favorite neighborhood? WCCB Charlotte’s Alexandra Elich explores tucked away spots, historic businesses, and secret gardens in the middle of our bustling city.

On this week’s Hidden Gems of Charlotte, Alex takes us to Zack’s Hamburgers.

Not much has changed over the decades at Zack’s Hamburgers on South Boulevard. You feel like you’re back in time from the aesthetic to the recipes.

“If you look at these fluorescent lights they’re the same fluorescent lights since 1961 if you look up.  My dad was very stubborn with what he started with and we’ve continued to use that when we have great relationships,” says George Demopoulos.

George says the recipes has not changed since he started.

George Demopoulos’ mom and dad opened the joint in the 60’s. He’s been working here since he was 15-years-old. He runs it with his wife Elaine.

When it comes to working with your spouse, Elaine knows the special recipe to success.

“I’ll tell you. It takes patience, tolerance a lot of love and in one ear and out the other,” she says.

They have three sons. Starting his day at eight in the morning and ending around 9 at night.

“It’s a 600 day at your job. In this type of business and there’s many out there were people work 12 to 14 hours a day,” says Demopoulos.

Their most popular item is the Zack’s special.

“It’s a big double cheeseburger, double cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise, pickles, onions, special sauce which is not a McDonald’s sauce,” says Demopoulos.

If you ask, he’ll tell you exactly what’s in his special sauce because he believes in helping competition.

“You help others like you wanna be helped if you need it and sometimes you’re not able to help the same person that helps you so you have to. It’s like a wrestling match of tag team but a goodness,” says Demopoulos.

George attributes his success to treating his customers like family.

“It’s been rewarding and so many different ways. The biggest thing is the customers and just the ability to do what you love,” says Demopoulos.

George says the restaurant was hit hard during the pandemic, but has been managed with customer’s support and their quality of food.