Some Union County Parents Outraged Over Controversial Civil War Assignment

WAXHAW, N.C. — Some parents in Union County are outraged over a controversial assignment at a local elementary school.  Many of them are calling for the firing of Union County teachers involved in a research project about slavery.

That assignment was given to 4th graders at Waxhaw Elementary School.  The Union County School District described the assignment this way.

“As part of a research project about North Carolinians, the assignment was intended to help students analyze events from the Pre-Colonial period to Reconstruction through the perspective of a key historical figure.”

In other words, 4th graders were told to write tweets from the perspective of someone from the Civil War Era.

One student wrote, “Don’t stop slavery, you may not agree with slavery, but I do.  I’m honest about it.”  #slaveryforlife.

The school’s Facebook page posted a picture of the board with the Twitter messages.

Parent Stacy Staggs says she was shocked when she saw it.

“So they pretty quickly took it down off Facebook, but screen shots had already been taken.  And, thankfully so because otherwise it might have just disappeared from view all together,” says Stacy Staggs.

Union County Superintendent Andrew Houlihan tweeted, “I was made aware of the assignment about the Civil War that was racially insensitive and not appropriate.  Any type of assignment such as this is unacceptable,” says Houlihan.  He says the district is taking this matter seriously.

He says they are actively developing procedures to address diversity and inclusion.