Edge: NCAA Catches Heat For Not Treating Male And Female Players Equally

Female basketball players put NCAA on blast for disparities

Tonight the NCAA is being called out over disparities between female and male basketball training facilities.

It all started when Sedona Prince of the Oregon Ducks shared a video on Tiktok of the women’s weight room which consisted of one rack of dumbbells, compared to the entire room of weight lifting equipment for the male players. In a statement, the NCAA claims part of the issue was space, but Prince crushed that statement when she filmed an empty room that could have bene used for equipment

Basketball champ Steph Curry sounded off on the situation saying, Come on March Madness, ya’ll trippin trippin.” Kyrie Irving, adding, “So NCAA, this is how ya’ll are doing our queens? We can’t tolerate this. They deserve more!”

The NCAA quickly caught wind of the backlash and the Vice President of the NCAA Women’s Basketball, LYnn Holzman issued a statement which says in part, “We acknowledge that some of the amenities teams would typically have access to have not been available in the controlled environment. We want to be responsive to the needs of our participating teams and we are actively working to enhance existing resources at our practice courts.”

That brings us to our question of the night: How can the NCAA right their wrong, going forward?


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