Video Shows Dog Attacking Horse Carriage In Waxhaw

WAXHAW, N.C. — The driver of a horse-drawn carriage in North Carolina is being credited with helping steer the horse and passengers to safety after a dog repeatedly attacked the animal as it was pulling the cart.

Bridger Medlin, the owner of the carriage ride company, said in a Facebook post Sunday that the driver tried to fend off the dog as it bit the horse on its face and legs Saturday in a Waxhaw park.

Saturday, April 3rd our good friend and carriage driver, Amanda Medlin…

Posted by Bridger Medlin on Sunday, April 4, 2021

In a video of the encounter that was posted online, children onboard could be heard screaming as the dog lunged at the horse. The video showed the horse eventually kicking the dog away, before the dog collapses and someone holds it on the ground.

Medlin’s post said the driver “risked her life to protect the riders and the horse, Miss Charlotte,” adding that the driver was able to “get the carriage riders off the carriage safely while fighting off the attacking dog.”

The post said that the driver was hospitalized, but her injuries weren’t detailed.

Medlin says the horse, named Queen Charlotte, sustained 15 puncture bite marks to her legs, stomach, and throat.

He also tells WCCB, the dog has since been put down.

The dog belonged to a park visitor, according to Medlin. Union County Sheriff’s office tells WCCB no charges have been filed against the owner.