Only On WCCB: 7-year-old Girl Speaks Out Against Gun Violence, 10 Days After Being Shot

CHARLOTTE — Ten days after a 7-year-old girl was shot in a northwest Charlotte neighborhood, she’s sharing her survival story only with WCCB News.

The community named her ‘Zionna Brave’.  And, just by looking at her today, you’d never know she was shot in the chest back on March 30th, while playing with her friends in her own neighborhood on Marble Street.

Zionna doesn’t remember much about that day, but her mother Kierra, will never forget.

“It was just like the first shot, we thought was like a firecracker, a balloon, somebody playing.  Then it was like, pop, pop, pop, pop,” says Kierra, Zionna’s mother.

Kierra says everyone started running, including Zionna.  She lifted up her daughter’s shirt and noticed she had been shot in the chest.

“Everything just stopped for a second cause it’s my child that’s shot, and I panicked.  She just laid there, so calm,” says Kierra.

“I didn’t cry when they poked me, they poked me on my arm, and when I was in the ambulance, they also poked me in my arm, but it didn’t hurt that much,” says Zionna.

Zionna’s liver, lungs and ribs were all damaged.  Three people were arrested in connection with the shooting.  The little girl has a message for anyone involved in gun violence.

“I think they should stop doing this because kids are gonna get hurt somehow, they need to stop doing this like how they hurt me.  They need to stop doing this, and hurting other kids and people,” says Zionna.

Her mother has a message for the accused gunman.

“You traumatized her.  I can’t live comfortable in my own place because of what you did,” she says.

Zionna Brave and her mother are thankful to the community for the outpouring of love and support.

“I wanna say to them thank you for praying for me, to help me feel more better and better and better,” Zionna says.

The family now plans to move because they don’t feel safe.  They’ve created a Gofundme account to help with Zionna’s medical expenses.  You can find that information here.