Hidden Gems of CLT: Secret Gardens of Fourth Ward

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CHARLOTTE, NC. — Secret gardens, courtyards, unique outdoor living spaces all just beyond the charming brick-paved roads. Where is the enchanting place, you ask? Nestled right below the Queen City skyline.

WCCB Charlotte’s Alexandra Elich visits the historic Fourth Ward on this week’s Hidden Gems of CLT.

“It’s very quirky and eclectic. There’s a mix of contemporary homes, mid-rise in high-rise condominiums and some of the oldest homes in Charlotte and all that seems to have been woven together in a very special way,” says co-chairman of the 7th annual Secret Gardens of the Fourth Ward Heath Knot.

The Secret Gardens of the Fourth Ward tour is happening on May 22nd and May 23rd from noon to 4 pm. It’s made up of all volunteers. This walkable, self-guided event allows people to explore the historic neighborhood while strolling the sidewalks. Complete with food and beverage tastings from local restaurants along the way. This year, five homes are participating in the tour.

“For most garden tours, you get an out of your car and move like that. This one, you come, and you spend the day riding a joyride, eating oysters, tasting alcohol treats, visiting gardens,  just enjoying the neighborhood in general. The whole neighborhoods on tour.”

The ticket money from the tour is donated to organizations around the neighborhood.

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