The Snark: Blowing Armadillos, Inappropriate Talks, Drowsiness & Skipping Work For Years

It's not the news...It's the Snark Report with Derek James!


CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Before we get to the laughs, Derek says goodbye to his Snark partner in crime, Chris Williams. Good luck, Chris!

But the show must go on. Derek tackles some weird talks with kids about armadillos and the birds and the bees on “The Real Housewives” of Dallas & New Jersey.

We also dive into some studies and daytime drowsiness and dating influences and food and drink is heavily involved.

Weird News takes us to Italy where a guy skipped work for 15 YEARS and managed to go undetected, getting paid the entire time!

Finally, Ashley Anderson has something to say about Derek’s thoughts on “exercise.”

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