On the Road with James: Linville Falls & Caverns

From on a mountain to inside one, James shows us that the Linville Falls area is one you can't miss if you're on an outdoor fix.

LINVILLE FALLS, N.C. — We’re putting the “gorge” in gorgeous this week as James takes a trip up to scenic Burke and McDowell counties. Known as the “Grand Canyon of the East,” the Linville Gorge & Falls is a can’t-miss spot if you’re looking to satisfy your nature fix. If you’re worried about a strenuous hike, the gently sloping half-mile walk to the viewing platform should put your concerns to rest. If hikes aren’t your thing, you can take a short trip over to the Linville Caverns instead. Discovered in 1822 by two local fishermen , the naturally eroded caverns are known for their historic lore. From a respite to Civil War deserters to becoming one of the discovered first places to harbor hiddenite, a rare gemstone, the grotto is a perfect tour for both adults and kids alike.

Linville Falls is open from dawn to dusk year-round.

Linville Caverns is open from 9 AM – 5 PM Thursdays – Mondays.