After Escaping Apartment Fire Caused By Faulty Electrical Outlet, Tenants Say They Warned Landlord About The Problem

CHARLOTTE, NC.– Debris, damage, and charred belongs after a faulty electrical outlet sparked a fire at Woodcrest Apartments on Seymour Drive around 2 am Monday. Lashonya Farmer lives there with her five family members. She says the blaze broke out in a room upstairs where her husband was sleeping. Charlotte Fire investigators say a tenet was evaluated by medic for smoke inhalation and Farmer’s pet parrot died.

“We ran upstairs, and when the door opened, it was as if Hades itself or hell itself had opened up,” Farmer says.

Farmer says some of the eight units were empty during the fire, but another family is also displaced. She says the landlord, Willie Knox, knew about the wiring issues.

“We’re just tired. We’re very upset, like I said, losing everything in this house fire last night because of faulty wiring that we talk to Mr. Knox about over and over, along with all the other problems.”

The other issues Farmer says are mold, water problems, other electrical issues, potholes, and rodents. She says she’s called code enforcement, and family members have contacted the county and city. According to the city code enforcement database, there is one open housing case filed on April 23rd.

“We are begging for help; please come and help us; we lost everything.”

WCCB called the landlord and left a message but has not heard back.