Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office Reports In-Custody Death Of A 20-Year-Old

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Officials with the Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office say 20-year-old Karon Golightly, resident housed at Detention Center-Central, died on Friday morning.

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Karon Golightly

Officials say Golightly was found unresponsive around 10 a.m. on May 14th, when first responders were called to the detention center to perform CPR.

Golightly was then taken to a local hospital where he died an hour later at 11 a.m., according to a news release.

“We are deeply saddened by the loss of Mr. Golightly,” said Sheriff McFadden, “our deepest condolences are with his family.”

The State Bureau of Investigation will continue to investigate this case thoroughly, as the medical examiner determines a cause and manner of death.