Beat The Heat Ahead Of Time With These Easy Car Care Tips

Summer is right around the corner and while we’re excited about road trips, cookouts, beach vacations, and everything else that the season brings along with it, we also know that summer can take a toll on your car if it’s not prepared. Summer does mean fun but it also means higher temps, intense sun, and thunderstorms that can all do a number on your N Charlotte Toyota. That’s why it’s important to prep ahead of time with car care, and our Charlotte auto service experts are here to tell you how to do it.

Charlotte car care tips

Six car care items to check off your list before summer arrives

Fluids: Before summer rolls in, make sure that you check (or have one of our Charlotte car care techs check) all the fluids under the hood of your car. We’re talking oil, coolant, brake fluid, transmission fluid, and wiper fluid. Remember, your car is going to be working hard to achieve maximum performance, so give it the tools it needs to do so.

Tires: Hot pavement and hot temperatures can really do your car tires in if they’re not in the right condition to take on summer. Have one of our Charlotte car care experts inspect them for you – they’ll check the general physical condition and also make sure your tires are inflated to the right PSI to keep your car safe and efficient all summer long.

Wipers: Summer brings plenty of sunshine our way, but it also brings strong thunderstorms. Make sure your car is up for it – take a look at your windshield wipers. If they’re squealing, streaking, or smearing water around, the rubber on the blades is likely worn out and it’s time for a replacement set. Our Charlotte Toyota parts store can help you choose the right wipers for your car.

Wax: The best way to protect your N Charlotte Toyota from the intense summer sun is to detail it on the regular, especially when it comes to applying wax. A few coats of a quality wax will guard your car’s paint from intense UV rays coming from the sun, warding off fading and other damage.

Tint: If there was ever a time to splurge and buy something for your car, this would be it – and it’s time to invest in window tint. Tint will not only protect your car’s interior from the sun and help prevent fading and cracking, but also keep your cabin (and you) cooler when things heat up outside.

A/C System: Don’t wait until it’s broken and you’re riding around in extreme heat – get your N Charlotte Toyota’s A/C system checked NOW. Our car care techs will do a quick inspection and recommend any repairs or maintenance that you may be due for.

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Schedule your pre-summer car care at Toyota of N Charlotte

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