Keep Your Car Cool All Summer Long With Toyota of N Charlotte’s Car Care Tips

Car care to keep your interior cool this summer.

Summer is on its way and with it bringing heat, humidity, and a pretty miserable drive time experience if you can’t keep your car cool. However, that’s where our Charlotte car care center comes in! We’re here to give you quick tips on how to keep the interior of your car cool all summer long without having to spend much time or money on it at all.

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Let our Charlotte car care center keep you on track this summer

Remember, the best way to keep your car running cool all summer long is to stay on top of routine car care. This means getting those regular Charlotte oil changes, coolant checks, battery inspections, and any other auto service that keeps your car up and running properly despite the weather outside. However, here are a few other summer car care tips to help you keep the interior of your N Charlotte Toyota cool when things heat up.

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Car care tips to keep things cool

Tip #1: Pick the right parking spot

Where you park can make a huge difference in how cool your car is at the end of the day. Obviously, parking in a parking garage or home garage is preferable, but a carport or some sort of outdoor covered parking is another great option. If all else fails, try to find a shady parking spot under trees to protect your car. It’ll help keep the interior cool AND protect both the upholstery and exterior paint from UV rays, which can cause fading and other damage.

Tip #2: Protect your steering wheel

Your steering wheel can get excessively hot very quickly if it’s in direct sunlight. A great way to protect both it and your hands is to invest in a windshield sunshade, which will also help keep your car cool and protected from UV rays. However, if you’re in a pinch you can always throw a towel or t-shirt over the wheel. Another N Charlotte Toyota car care tip? Turn your steering wheel 180 degrees after you park so at least the top – the part you’ll hold most – is out of the sun.

Tip #3: Know how to cool things down quickly

Have you ever opened your N Charlotte Toyota at the end of a long day and felt that blast of hot air rush out, similar to an oven? No one wants to sit in that the whole drive home. Our car care experts recommend that you open all four doors for a minute or two to let some of the hot air escape. After that, turn the A/C on high and open all of the doors so you can get additional hot air out and get cold air circulating. Finally, roll up all the windows to seal the cold air in and hit the road!

Have more questions or need to schedule summer car care so you can stay cool? Whether it’s a broken A/C or you need a sunshade for your windshield, we’ve got you covered. Call Toyota of N Charlotte today at (704) 659-2025!

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