Some ‘Long Haulers’ Say Vaccine Helped Relieve Long Term Effects of Covid-19

CHARLOTTE — A bit of relief for some people suffering from long-term effects of Covid-19.  They’re known as ‘Long Haulers’.  Now, some doctors are reporting many of their patients are improving after getting vaccinated.

Studies show one in 10 patients who are infected with Covid-19 may develop Covid symptoms for longer than a year, it’s known as ‘Long Covid’.  The symptoms include, headache, mental fog, chronic fatigue, heart rate and blood pressure issues, and in some patients, hearing loss.

One year after her diagnosis, Rachel Brummert got vaccinated.

“After I got both my shots, a lot of my symptoms alleviated.  I don’t get as intense headaches, I don’t get the intense rib pain anymore, once in a while I’ll have trouble breathing, but like overall, I actually feel better after getting the vaccines,” she says.

A team at Yale University’s School of Medicine is taking a close look at a possible link between Covid-19 vaccinations and Long Covid.  Doctors say more research is needed before learning how many people with Long Covid are feeling better after getting the shot.