Wilson’s World: Carowinds Entertainment


CHARLOTTE, N.C. –Wilson’s World was back at Carowinds today sharing more about the new Boogie Board Racer and Grand Carnivale.

Boogie Board Racer is the longest mat racing slide in the Southeast! 6 people zoom through their own chutes, sometimes enclosed, sometimes open to the sun, accelerating into a 360-degree loop and a surprise drop into a splashdown finish. Boogie Board Racer is the first new waterpark attraction in Carolina Harbor since it opened in 2016.

Between July 17th and August 1st, you can experience Carowinds’ “Grand Carnivale” and the Spectacle of Color Parade! Enjoy the decorated floats, amazing street performers, and great music!

For more details on this weekend’s opening and upcoming events, go to Carowinds.com.