From The Roads To The Skies, Memorial Day Weekend Travel Is In Full Swing

CHARLOTTE, NC. —   Whether you’re getting to your destination by car or by plane, officials say to expect it to be busy this Memorial Day weekend.   According to AAA, nearly 2.5 million Americans are expected to fly; that’s six times more than last year. The largest crowds at the Charlotte-Douglas Airport are expected this weekend, with 24 to 26-thousand daily local passengers.

“I feel like it’s even busier; I think people are ready to get out and travel,” says traveler Trey Wade.

Wade flew into Charlotte from Nashville Thursday. He says planes were so packed; it made getting on and off a slow process.

“For a few months, I’ve been traveling pretty much every week, and it seems to get progressively busier. It doesn’t seem like the airlines can keep up.”

As traffic increases on the roads, officials are urging people to wear their seatbelt. Mark Ezzell is the director of the North Carolina Highway Safety Program. He says in 2020, despite traffic volumes being down, traffic fatalities were up.

“Of those people who died on our roads last year, close to 50% or not wearing their seatbelt,” Ezzell says.

County Health Director Gibbie Harris tells WCCB she fears an increase in covid numbers aft the holiday weekend. Her message to the public while traveling:

“To protect yourself and others, if you’re not fully vaccinated, wear a mask and get vaccinated as quickly as you can,” says Harris.