90’s Themed “Selfie Museum” to Open in Concord in July

CONCORD, N.C. – If you grew up in the 90’s, or just love the decade, there’s a new local experience to conjure up your nostalgia.

It’s part of a new trend called “selfie museums.”

“I had a vision of something that was bright, vibrant, and that people would tell their friends to come and visit,” explains Jessica Jones.

She’s creating the “Home of the 90s Museum” on Winecoff School Road in Concord.

Jones was laid off during the pandemic, deciding to turn her passion for the 90’s into a totally rad “selfie museum,” where visitors can get dope pictures for the Gram.

“It’s a sense of happiness. It brings people together, we didn’t have bills, the stress was very limited,” Jones says.

Work is still underway on the museum, showcasing memorable sports, cartoons, even cereal from the 90’s.

There will even be a classic fast-food style ball pit.

“I love the ’90’s. I’m from the ’90’s era,” says Camille Stinson.

She’s helping Jones create the museum.

“People are gonna just come in here and just be shocked that everything you could think of the ’90’s we put it in one setting,” she says.

The “Home of the 90s Museum” opens on July 3rd, with one hour entry costing $30.

It can also be booked for parties or other private events.