One North Carolina Police Department Reminds Everyone To Leave Alligators Alone

OAK ISLAND, N.C. — After several alligator sightings and 911 calls made, the Oak Island Police Department is fed up with humans messing with the gators and tells beachgoers to leave them alone.

The department posted on Facebook to remind residents that the island is their natural habitat and they will not remove the gators.

Police say “Leave them alone! We will not remove them just because you are concerned. Do not pet them. Do not take selfies with them. Do not feed them. Do not ride them. Do not try to move them. Did we mention, leave them alone!”

Authorities say the department has received several 911 calls regarding alligator sightings, and at least one instance of alligator harassment has been reported on an Oak Island community page.

Amy Y. Taira says she was watching a gator sunbathe on the beach, when a family of at least 20 people started throwing sand on the alligator.

Taira wrote on Facebook saying after the incident the gator “finally waded into the water and wasn’t seen again,” and added “Don’t know how you feel about it but I was enraged. Leave the gator alone is my thought, steer clear and be smart.”

The Oak Island Police Department reminds residents alligators live here, along with a great deal of other wildlife species, and to avoid any contact.