Day One Of Camp CMS In The Books

CHARLOTTE, NC. — Day one of Camp CMS is in the books.

“I learned about math, and I also learned about spelling my words correctly,” says second-grader Sadiyya Johnson.

Johnson is enrolled in Camp CMS after learning remotely all year, says her grandmother.

“I think it’s needed to help kids catch up because some children, I mean I work from home, so my granddaughter was there with me, but some people really don’t have that support, and they may not have been logged in as often as they should’ve been,” says Japhenia King.

Camp CMS is a six-week program that happens four days a week. It’s aimed at helping students who may have had a hard time with remote learning and didn’t finish schoolwork. The district says students who failed their current grade will be re-evaluated through their work during the program, and principles will decide if they can move grade levels or not.

“The kids need it. Especially coming from home school and then the parents have to juggle both home, work, and the kid’s education. This is something that was actually needed, and I think it’s perfect for the kids,” says CMS parents Sevra McCollum.

On June 9th, the district held a career fair for teachers and teacher assistants to fill classroom and enrichment positions this summer. A spokesperson tells WCCB approximately 2,550 teachers were hired to support camp cms, plus just over 1,000 support staff. Transportation is fully staffed for camp cms and currently running 427 buses to serve the 24,300 students who requested transportation.