Hidden Gems of CLT: Potts Chocolate

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CHARLOTTE, NC. — WCCB Charlotte’s Alexandra Elich visits Potts Chocolate

Life couldn’t get any sweeter for Blair Potts. I mean, come on, the guy makes chocolate for a living! What’s better than that?

“I love finding out about the different cocoa that are available in a crop year, I love sampling them, I love figuring out how to roast them, I love when I have an inspiration for a new idea, and I do a new recipe,” says Potts.

Potts Chocolate offers a little bit of everything. Truffles in any flavor you can imagine, brownie ice cream sandwiches, and more. Blair’s love for chocolate started in 2008.

“I’ve been in specialty foods since I helped start the first microbrewery in Connecticut back in the ’80s, and my wife suggested I start looking into chocolate about 12 years ago, so I did, and it turns out I kind of had a knack for it.”

He started doing it as a side gig until 2011, then was able to pursue it full-time. The empty-nesters using their house as a production kitchen.

“My wife said we need to talk; nobody ever likes to hear that from their wife. But she said really her location, you’ve done what you can for my location, and we really need to look at going to an urban area.”

That’s when he opened this brick-and-mortar location in 2016. Tucked away on South Cedar Street. This chocolate connoisseur’s passion for his craft is palpable.

“Chocolates very frustrating to work with and so once I got past the frustration, I found you know this is really interesting because the beans are all different depending on where they come from and when they’re harvested and the chocolate you make from his different beans, they will behave differently.”