Husband’s Housework Solution Causes Trouble With Wife

REDDIT– A husband and wife didn’t see eye to eye when it came to some recent housework the wife wanted to get done. The couple both do chores around the house, but the husband says his list of duties is much longer than his wife’s. She even refuses to do anything that involves cleaning the kitchen or the bathroom. That means all the dirty dishes and scrubbing toilets falls on the husband. He says he can get so busy that most times he only has one day during the week where he can just lay around and do nothing. One day he said his wife decided that they needed to get all the closets in the house organized as well as the attic. The husband wasn’t crazy about the idea because he was tired and the couple had a full schedule over the next few days. So he decided to come up with a solution. The work would still get done but he wouldn’t have to spend his free time doing it. He hired some friends to take care of the work after they mentioned that they were interested in doing some odd jobs to earn some extra cash. When the friends arrived to tackle the job, the wife wasn’t pleased. She told the husband that the work should be their responsibility and she made the husband send them packing. The husband shared his situation on Reddit and asked people to weigh in on his situation. Most people who commented took his side over the wife’s.