Charges Dropped Again Travis Price In Rock Hill ‘Controversial’ Arrest, Officer Fired And Charged As Officials Release Body Camera Video

The Latest (7/8/21):

As body camera footage was released of a ‘controversial’ arrest of two brothers in Rock Hill, charges were dropped against Travis Price, one of the two brothers, and an officer was fired and charged for his role in the incident.

York County officials held a press conference Thursday afternoon about the controversial arrest of the two Rock Hill brothers.

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During the news conference, City Solicitor Chisa J. Putnam says Travis Price was charged in error and the charges regarding hindering police have been dismissed and expunged from his record.

Police Chief Chris Watts announced that Officer Jonathan Moreno was fired for not properly deescalating the situation.

Moreno has also been charged with third-degree assault and batter, according to Solicitor Kevin Brackett.

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The Latest (7/7/21):

ROCK HILL, S.C. — The head of Rock Hill’s NAACP says body cam video of the arrest of Ricky and Travis Price will be released this week.  Dr. Norma Gray says she’s seen the footage, and that it doesn’t match with the narrative of the Rock Hill Police Department about the arrest.  Last week, one of the arresting officers, Jonathan Soto, testified that he was attacked by Ricky Price first.

“As investigator Soto ran up to assist officers, Ricky Price punched investigator Soto in the face with his left closed fist,” says Jonathan Soto, Rock Hill Police.

“Number one, Ricky does not appear to me to be running.  Officer Soto says that Ricky hit him first.  I don’t see that,” says Dr. Norma Gray with the Rock Hill Chapter of the NAACP.

Gray says she believes state law enforcement leaders will release all of the video this week.

Original Story (6/28/21):

ROCK, HILL, S.C. — One of two brothers at the center of a controversial arrest in Rock Hill is speaking out for the first time about his encounter with police officers last week.  His attorneys say Travis Price should have never been arrested and the charge against him should be dropped.

The video showing a rough arrest has gone viral.  Rock Hill Police pulled over Ricky Price at a gas station last Wednesday for a traffic stop.  His brother, Travis says he saw his brother’s car and stopped to see what happened. Attorneys say new surveillance video they obtained shows exactly what happened.

They say it proves Travis did nothing wrong.

“You had some officers telling Travis to do this, stand there, take this.  Then, this guy comes out of no where and instantly treats him like he’s some piece of street thug trash,” says attorney Justin Bamberg.

“I’m 33 with no record, so that explains enough.  I’m not a troubled person.  I’m a humble guy, that’s that,” says Travis Price.

Attorneys demanded the charge against Price, interfering with an arrest, be dropped by 5 p.m.  That didn’t happen.  Rock Hill Police said the charges against Travis and Ricky will remain in place during their investigation.