Saharan Dust Pausing Tropical Formation

The National Hurricane Center does not expect tropical cyclone activity over the next five days.

With dust from the Sahara Desert riding the trade winds west across the Atlantic Ocean, tropical activity is not expected over the next 5 days… just how we like it!

Tropical Weather Outlook Kml 1

Saharan air is very dry, therefore, when tropical waves roll off the coast of Africa, they take in this very dry air and often times fall apart. When the dust is very heavy, it can also block some sunlight from reaching the surface of the ocean which in turn can cause the water to cool – great for us, not so much for tropical development.

African Dust Outlook Smoke Outlook


It is important to remember we are just in the beginning of what is forecast to be a very active hurricane season. It is never too early to have a hurricane plan in place.

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