Wilson’s World: After School Snack Ideas with Safe Catch

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Afternoon snack time for the kids can be very hectic! Wilson’s World was with Safe Catch at Harris Teeter in South End with some tips on making healthy snacks for the kids. Tuna is the perfect after school snack, it tastes good, has lots of  natural protein and is packed with healthy Omega 3s and vitamins. Wilson and Kelsey Murphy from Safe Catch made Tuna Pizza Bites, ‎Taco Tuna Bites, and Tuna Mac and Cheese.

Find the recipes linked below.

The Taco Bites will become a family favorite, try them out for Taco Tuesday!

Tune Taco Bites https://safecatch.com/recipes/tuna-taco-bites/
Tuna Mac N Cheese Bites: https://safecatch.com/recipes/tuna-mac-n-cheese-bites/ (ALL TIME FAV!)
Tuna Pizza Bites: https://safecatch.com/recipes/tuna-pizza-bites-family/