A Charlotte Woman Participating In Trial For The Pfizer Booster Shot

CHARLOTTE, NC. — Fall of 2020, Shannon Weatherly enrolled in the Pfizer vaccine trial after seeing it advertised on social media.

“It was very personal, like I need to do this. I need to step up for humanity; I need to step up for science; I need to step up for research,” Weatherly says.

The South Park resident works in clinical research and has three autoimmune diseases.

“Middle to late June, the site where I was enrolled in that trial called me and asked if I wanted to be in a trial related to the booster.”

A third dose of the Pfizer Vaccine can “Strongly” boost protection against the delta variant new data released by Pfizer suggests. The data shows levels of antibodies that can target the delta variant grow fivefold in people 18 to 55 who get a third vaccine dose. Weatherly received her third shot on July 14th after being vaccinated for 10 months. She says some trial participants are given a placebo with saline solution and some the real vaccine. Her guess — she got the real vaccine.

“I had site injection pain, and it itched. Which is not something I had had with either of the first two, but that was the only thing that I noticed. I never had the fatigue or the achiness or anything that I have a shot two.”

She will have continued visits during the trial, get her blood drawn, and be monitored until next year. Weatherly says her message:

“I still absolutely advocate for people to ask all of the questions they need to ask, to go to their physician, to talk to their healthcare provider, to be as informed as they need to be to make the best decision for them.”