Cameron Dollar Hoping To Help Get The Charlotte 49ers Back To The Postseason

CHARLOTTE, N.C. —The Charlotte 49ers are entering this season with high expectations after a disappointing 2020 led to half of their games being canceled. They’re hoping for a more complete year to get back to the postseason, and they’ll be relying on guys like senior wide receiver Cameron Dollar.

“When I step out from camp, smell the grass, first day of practice. I’m like, wow, I’m seven years old again. I’m back in my small little cleats that I had,” Dollar said.

Dollar has come a long way since his mitey mite days in Denver, North Carolina. He’s entering the final season of his college career. He may be the team’s second-leading receiver behind victor tucker, but he doesn’t go unnoticed. He even has his own billboard on I-77.

“It’s always been a dream, just never thought it be possible. I literally woke up, went to practice, came out of practice, and people are blowing up my phone saying, “you’re on a billboard,” and I’m like, “no, I’m not,” and sure enough, I was,” Dollar said.

When you ask coaches and teammates about Dollar, they all say the same thing. He’s one of the most consistent and respected players on the roster.

“There’s not anything that comes out of his mouth that’s not well thought of and really well respected. He’s been extremely durable for us and has made a ton of plays and been the model of consistency for especially our wide receiver room,” head coach Will Healy said.

Dollar has been money for the Niners since 2018, and yes, he’s used to all the puns.

“It’s so funny, it’s cringey at times, but you gotta love it, you gotta respect the support,” Dollar said.

When you ask Dollar what the 49ers are capable of this season, there’s only one answer.

“Championship, championship, and bowl win wherever they put us,” Dollar said.

Charlotte begins the season by hosting Duke on September 3.