EOTC: Joe Rogan Has Covid-19, Tim Tebow’s New Gig, Peppa Pig vs. Kanye

Peppa trolls Kanye West on Twitter

Controversial podcast host Joe Rogan has covid-19. This diagnosis comes after he was dismissive about covid-19 vaccines on his podcast. He later clarified his comments saying he is, “Not an anti-vax” person but he did say that he took Ivermectin, a de-worming drug primarily used in animals to help treat covid. He says he took several medications after his diagnosis.

Tim Tebow may have been released from the Jacksonville Jaguars but he’s already got a new job. The Heisman trophy winner will be joining ESPN’s “First Take” as one of Stephen A. Smith’s debate foes on Friday nights.

Peppa Pig is trolling Kanye West on Twitter after getting a better album review. Kanye’s “Donda” album was rated  a 6.0 on Pitchfok while “Peppa’s Adventures: The Album” was rated a 6.5. Peppa official twitter account tweeted, “Peppa didn’t need to host listening parties in the Mercedes Benz Stadium to get that .5”.

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