Get Plant-Crafty and Grab at Drink at Twigs & Figs Grand Opening this Weekend

If you've ever wished you could tuck into a plant store and hang out for a drink, your dreams are about to come true.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Surround yourself in houseplants, grab a drink and get crafty at the new Twigs & Figs plant shop in Ballantyne.  This communal space was intentionally created to encourage shoppers to stay and play.

“We want to make this a social space so you can come, grab a drink and hang out with your friends,” says owner, Treena Chaudhuri.  “We wanted to create a space where people not only feel safe and welcome but celebrated.”  Chaudhuri has hired a diverse staff and hopes to encourage and equally diverse clientele to feel welcome in her shop.

Houseplants have continued to grow as a trend during the ongoing pandemic which Twigs & Figs teammate, Allie Mata, attributes to a need for self care.  “Taking care of plants was like taking care of myself.”

Caring for plants can be therapeutic and even meditative.  “A couple years ago, I started getting into house plants because I was in a really low place,” says Chaudhuri, “and so many people are going through things right now.  Caring for plants and seeing them grow and change everyday gave me the motivation to care for myself”

And in a time of Zoom calls and online everything, caring for plants can bring you back to nature.  “We are all part of this natures-cape, the plants are part of this natures-cape, we’re all connected,” says Chaudhuri.  Adds Mata, “I got into houseplants and I’m growing my own food now.  You get so disconnected by living in a city but if you start with just one little plant, you have the potential of growing a garden.   It brings you back to nature.”

And if your thumb is not green, if you’re an over-waterer, or as nurturing as a desert, the team at Twigs & Figs can find a suitable plant for you.  “Everyone’s lifestyle is different so whatever houseplant matches with you is going to be different than your friend or your neighbor.”

Currently, Twigs & Figs is offering d-i-y terrarium workshops.  But in the near future, look forward to yoga (in both English and en Español) training, more advanced workshops and pant-and-sips.  Plus you can reserve the space for parties.

Store hours are Monday through Saturday 10 am t0 8 pm and Sundays 11 am to 6 pm.

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