Edge On The Clock: Is @halfdrunkdunkks On Instagram Art Or Litter?

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – There is a peculiar Instagram page that brings to the forefront a growing issue in Boston. @halfdrunkdunkks is an account dedicated solely to half-drunk Dunkin’ Donuts drinks that are littering Boston’s landscape. But is it perhaps peculiar performance art or, more likely lazy litterbugging?

Plus, the Oxford English Dictionary has added more than 20 words of Korean origin to its latest update. They’re calling it a “Korean wave.”

And, take this next story as a lesson on how to not get away with robbing a bank. Federal authorities in Illinois say a man named Jason Bradley walked into a bank with a COVID-regulated face mask and handed the teller a note saying “I need everything from your drawer or we all die!” And it all goes downhill from there for Mr. Bradley.

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