Police: 18-Year-Old Suspect Arrested For Attacking, Sexually Assaulting Woman In Rock Hill

The Latest (10/13/21):

A Rock Hill sex assault suspect, that was linked to Monday night’s assault along with five other incidents, has been identified as an 18-year-old.

The Rock Hill Police Department identified Antavis Dickerson as a suspect in the attempted sexual assault from Automall Parkway and located him at a Riverview Road residence.

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Police said when Dickerson spoke with detectives he implicated himself in the following incidents:

  • On August 2, around 8:30 p.m., Dickerson was riding a bicycle on South Confederate Avenue. Dickerson rode near a female and grabbed her buttocks. About an hour later, Dickerson knocked on the victim’s door apologizing before propositioning her for sexual intercourse. After the victim declined, Dickerson grabbed her arms forcefully pushing her toward the inside of her residence. Dickerson fled after being struck by the victim. According to police, Dickerson was charged with assault with intent to commit criminal sexual conduct in this case.
  • On August 3, Dickerson went to a residence on Walnut Street and pushed his way inside. Dickerson propositioned the victim for sexual intercourse while grabbing her by the arm. The victim convinced Dickerson to step out on the porch where she screamed for help causing Dickerson to flee. According to police, Dickerson was charged with burglary 1st degree and assault with intent to commit criminal sexual conduct in this case.
  • On September 9, around 8 a.m., Dickerson approached the victim on Heather Square and propositioned her for oral sex. The victim went inside her apartment after declining Dickerson’s offer. The victim exited her apartment a second time where Dickerson exposed his penis before running away. Police said Dickerson was charged with indecent exposure in this case.
  • On September 9, around 8:25 a.m., Dickerson approached the victim on Hunters Trail and propositioned her. When the victim declined, Dickerson grabbed her buttocks as she walked away. Dickerson then grabbed the victim and exposed his penis while pulling the victim toward a wooded area. The victim screamed for help alarming a neighbor who yelled at Dickerson causing him to flee. Dickerson was charged with assault with intent to commit criminal sexual conduct and indecent exposure in this case, police said.
  • On October 7, Dickerson was on Cedarview Court and approached the victim propositioning her for oral sex numerous times. The victim declined and attempted to leave in her vehicle. Dickerson walked over to the victim’s vehicle and exposed his penis as she was trying to leave. Police said Dickerson was charged with Indecent Exposure in this case.

“It’s alarming to us because it was repeated behavior,” says Lt. Michael Chavis with Rock Hill Police.

Monday, authorities say Dickerson assaulted a woman on Automall Drive.  The woman told police the attacker tried to pull her pants down, and drag her into the woods.  The woman was armed, and fired several shots at the man.

The Latest (10/13/21):

A sex assault suspect is behind bars after police say they attacked a woman walking near Cherry Road in Rock Hill.

Police are now looking into a connection to any other crimes in the area.

“That’s crazy,” said one woman, in shock about the news.

“This is where I work. This is where people come to eat. We’re supposed to feel safe,” she continued.

“I come to this gas station all the time and just to know that somebody could get attacked right there is beyond me,” said Jaylah McCants, a Rock Hill resident.

According to police, just before 10 p.m. Monday night, a woman was attacked while walking along Automall Drive towards the Circle K gas station. She told police that she saw a shadowy figure who then attacked her when she walked by. The woman fought back, but the assailant tried to pull her pants down and drag her into the woods.

Police say the woman was carrying a gun and that she was able to get a hold of it and fire at her attacker in order to get away.

According to the police report, the woman emptied the clip, but was unsure if she struck the attacker.

Nearby surveillance video shows the suspect. Police say the man is now in custody and being investigated for the crime.

People who live and work near the gas station say they’ll be more cautious.

“When it starts hitting home, it makes you think about things,” said McCants.

The woman didn’t suffer any injuries. Police have not identified the suspect or announced the charges he faces.

Original Story (10/12/21):

ROCK HILL, S.C. — A woman fought off and shot a firearm at a man that was sexually assaulting her in Rock Hill Monday night.

Officers responded to Automall Parkway, off of Cherry Road, around 9:45 p.m. after reports of a shooting. Upon arrival, officers learned from the victim that she was walking on Automall Parkway when she saw a shadow and the person grabbed her.

The victim and suspect then began to fight which included the victim hitting the suspect multiple times while he was trying to pull her pants down, police said. The suspect then tried to pull her into the wood line away from the roadway.

Police said the victim was able to retrieve her gun and start shooting at the suspect as he ran toward Celanese Road.

According to a news release, the suspect has been described as a black male with a fade, light blue skinny jeans, and a dark blue hoodie with white letters.

If anyone has any information regarding this incident, they are asked to call 803-329-7293.