Toyota Service Tips For When You’re Stuck In The Snow

Winter weather is officially here, and with it can bring snowy conditions that make driving both difficult and dangerous. And when you hit the road in the snow, there’s always a chance that you get stuck in it. Our Charlotte Toyota service center is here with tips to help you get yourself out of a snowy situation – check it out. 

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Five tips for when you’re stuck in the snow

Tip #1: Forward and backward. If you find yourself stuck in snow or slush, a little forward and backward rocking could do the trick in terms of getting you out. First, roll down your window so you can stick your head out to see your tires. Put your car in the lowest manual gear or in Drive for automatic vehicles. Hit the gas slowly and carefully, then let off. Put the car in reverse and repeat until you’ve moved enough to gain a little traction and escape the slush. 

Tip #2: Brakes. Tires spinning out while you’re trying to escape? You can also try pressing the brake and gas at the same time to try and force your car into motion. However, our Charlotte Toyota service techs don’t recommend doing this for more than a few minutes as it could damage your car’s brakes. 

Tip #3: Traction. If you’re still sliding around with tires spinning, it’s time to add a little traction into the mix. When driving in snow, it’s always a good idea to have cat littler or cardboard on hand; you can put the litter or cardboard in front of your front tires so your car can pull itself out. Even your floor mats will do in a pinch. 

Tip #4: Lower tire PSI. If even traction isn’t working or you don’t have anything on hand to use, you can try letting some air out of your car’s tires. Why? Our Charlotte Toyota techs explained that this gives the tires greater surface area and more grip, making it easier for your tires to pull you out of the slushy situation you’re in. Just make sure that you air up before hitting the road again; driving on under inflated tires can result in poor fuel efficiency and a higher risk of tire damage and blowouts. 

Tip #5: Muscle. When enough is enough, it may be time to put sheer muscle power to work. While you steer and gently hit the gas, have friends push your car from behind to get it moving again. 

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