Duke Energy Tips To Prepare For The Winter Storm

CHARLOTTE, NC.– Prepare now. It’s the message you’ve been hearing for days leading up to the winter storm. But Paige Layne, the spokesperson for Duke Energy, says they can’t reiterate it enough.

“Get those portable chargers; if you have medications go ahead and get those filled up. Make sure you have a supply of bottled water around,” Layne says.

For up-to-date information on power outages, the easiest thing to do is text the word “out” to 57801. Duke Energy will have a notification of your outage but can also give you updates. Layne says crews will be placed strategically Saturday waiting on assignments.

“So we have about, probably more than 7500 personnel located throughout both Carolinas, and that would include people who work on the powerlines, people who cut trees, people who literally walk around and look for damage, our damage assessors.”