Local Businesses Working Hard After Winter Storm

FORT MILL, SC. — Andrew Fodness has worked around the clock during the winter storm. He’s the owner of Top Grade Services.

“We’ve been busy all day, all night long spreading ice and snowplowing in Lowe’s and Amazons,” Fodness says.

His crews plow parking lots and spread salt before a refreeze happens on the roads bringing a threat of dangerous road conditions and black ice. WCCB tagged along Monday as his crews treated the Lowe’s parking lot in Fort Mill.

Fodness says he’s had about 20 calls Monday from people requesting his services that he had to turn down. WCCB Charlotte’s Alexandra Elich called about ten other snow removal services in our area. They say they’ve turned down hundreds of jobs because they don’t have the time or manpower. With temps below freezing, parking lots that didn’t get plowed will likely freeze overnight.

“Stay out the roads because it’s going to get cold tonight, and you’re going to black eyes that looks like water. Stay off the roads the best you can.”