Dangerous Driving Conditions Linger On Secondary Roads Due To Ice & Snow

IREDELL CO., N.C. – Many secondary roads across our area are still coated in snow and ice, making them dangerous to drive on.

State and local DOT crews are working to get them cleared.

“Well, they’re getting a little better, they’re still bad, there’s some slick spots out there,” says Statesville resident Joey Speaks.

Speaks is back out on the streets of Iredell County, picking up and hauling recycling.

He says his job doesn’t stop, even with snow and ice covering many side roads.

“I took my time, and I got stuck a couple of times, but for the most part I made it,” Speaks says.

Main roads look good, but neighborhoods remain icy, even in the city of Statesville.

“Anywhere where there’s shady spots, we still have some ice, even in town, and as far south as Mooresville,” says Kent Greene, with Iredell County Emergency Management.

He says the biggest issues are in rural areas in the northern part of the county.

“There are still some dangerous areas, if you don’t have to travel those roads, please don’t,” Greene says.

That’s where we saw NCDOT trucks working to clear secondary roads on Tuesday afternoon.