Wireless Carriers Delay 5G Implementation Near Charlotte Douglas, Other Major Airports Over Safety Concerns

CHARLOTTE, NC – Fears of an aviation crisis, temporarily averted on Tuesday afternoon. Verizon and AT&T now delaying their activation of 5G high speed service near certain airports including Charlotte Douglas International.

Airlines CEO’s said air traffic could “grind to a halt” due to interference with 5G.

“Everything we do is going to point towards making sure we have the safest airplanes out there,” said Capt. Dennis Tajer, a pilot and spokesperson for the Allied Pilots Association.

He says the roll out of 5G near airports is rushed and unsafe.

“This was not just small items ancillary issues, this was major safety issues and reliability issues,” said Tajer.

The same way a Walkie-Talkie or baby monitor can pick up errant radio waves; airlines and plane manufacturers worry new 5G signals could interfere with key flight safety instruments.

This includes radio altimeters, which tell the pilots how close they are to the ground.

“If 5G comes in and interferes with that information stream and gives bad info to those systems, the pilot may not have enough time to recognize that problem to correct it in order to maintain a safe flight and landing,” said Tajer.

Verizon and AT&T insist the fears are unfounded. But Tajer and other experts say there needs to be more tests before 5G goes live.

“I think it’s important that we take the time to study and understand before we fully implement and then have an issue,” said Captain Jim Shilling an Aviation Consultant.

The Biden administration is in talks with airlines and wireless carriers to find a solution without sacrificing safety.

“But certainly, minimizing flight disruptions, ensuring safety and travel is a is a top priority,” said Jen Psaki the White House Press Secretary.

5G towers not near Charlotte Douglas will be activated Wednesday.  It’s unclear how long the delay for areas near major airports will be.