Novak Djokovik Won’t Be Allowed To Play In French Open Without Proof Of Vaccination

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – A new twist in the drama surrounding tennis superstar Novak Djokovic. You’ve seen the headlines about how his refusal to get the COVID vaccine ultimately led to his being denied entry into Australia for the Australian Open that’s underway right now. Now, the world’s number one tennis player may also not be allowed to play in the French Open in May. The French Parliament approved a measure Sunday that requires professional athletes, regardless of their nationality, to show proof of vaccination before they’re allowed into sporting venues.

Critics say Djokovic seems to want special treatment. Djokovic has, in the recent past, been seen at public, indoor parties, without a mask. He told Australian authorities he hadn’t traveled in two weeks, when in fact he had traveled to Spain. And he even had COVID during an interview with a journalist, but reportedly didn’t tell them.

Novak’s peer, top tennis star Rafael Nadal, is seemingly frustrated by the whole thing. Nadal says, “It’s important to come back to tennis conversations in my opinion. No, there is nobody in the history of our sport more important than the sport by itself. Novak, Roger, myself…”

Our question of the night: should Novak Djokovic get the vaccine?

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