CATS Debuts Special Edition Transit Passes Designed By Local Artists

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — CATS has selected designs by three different local artists to be featured on special edition monthly transit passes.

In 2021, CATS conducted a contest asking community members to submit original artwork inspired by the city of Charlotte.

Three artists were then selected to have their designs printed on special edition Local, Express and Express Monthly passes for the entire 2022 calendar year.

1st Place: Ava Crawford – Local Monthly Pass.

2nd Place: Maria Senkel – Express Monthly Pass.

3rd Place: Leandro Manzo – Express Plus Monthly Pass.

The winning designs were chosen by transit professionals and a panel of artists.

First place winner and local art instructor, Eva Crawford, says her submission was inspired by the “energy, support and love” she witnessed during the painting of the Black Lives Matter mural on Tryon Street.

The special edition passes are available for purchase anywhere CATS passes are sold.

Click here to learn more about the winning designs.