Morning Brew: What Causes Brain Freeze? + The Worst Home On The Best Block Of The City Just Sold In San Francisco For Almost 2 Million Dollars

CHARLOTTE, NC — In today’s Pure Intentions Coffee Morning Brew segment, we learn about what causes brain freeze plus, the worst home on the best block of the city just sold in San Francisco for almost 2 million dollars.

Ever wonder what causes brain freeze? The phenomenon, also known as an ice cream headache, typically only lasts about 30 seconds. Doctors say only about a third of people ever experience brain freeze, a sensation doctors call “referred pain” meaning even though you feel brain freeze in your head, it actually happens when the roof of your mouth is exposed to something cold. When you eat a super cold bite of ice cream, the blood vessels on your palate involuntary construct, which is the body’s way of maintaining its core temperature. The blood vessels then rebound and send a pain signal to nerves in your brain near your forehead. Your brain then interprets the pain signals that are actually coming from your mouth as coming from your forehead, producing the headache-like sensation. Doctors say brain freeze only happens when there’s a sharp contrast between the temperature of your body and the temperature of whatever you’re eating.

Location! That’s what it is all about in San Francisco and check out this property that realtors call “the worst home on the best block of the city”. The decaying 122 year-old victorian home just sold for almost 2 million dollars. A developer made a $1.97 million dollar cash offer. The home is just over 2100 square feet and located in the Noe Valley neighborhood. It has boarded up windows, peeling paint and an unstable foundation. The property sold at several hundred thousand dollars higher than other comparable fixer-uppers in the area. A judge approved the sale of the house after its elderly owner was placed in a conservatorship.