Local Realtor Camps Outside Nearly A Week To Secure Home For Clients

BELMONT, NC. —  On January 11th, Matthew Johnson, a real estate broker with EXP Realty, started his journey to try to lock in two homes for his clients. Ironically, a development in Belmont had two sites available for new build homes. First come, first serve.

“I chose to come four days early to sleep in a tent out in Belmont at the model home and I’m not going to get to shower, I’m going to freeze. They’re calling for 25 at night and it’s supposed to snow this weekend so that’s a plus,” Johnson says.

With a steady diet of Pop-Tarts. peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and six gallons of water, he camped out in a tent for five days.

“I’m used to being in my own mind, working by myself, working solo so didn’t bother me at all. Just packed my car full of groceries from Food Lion and went out there and worked.”

His stunt paid off. Johnson got both of his clients’ houses.

Will it continue to take extremes like this to get a dream home? According to Canopy Realtor Association and Canopy MLS, home sales across the Charlotte region reached their highest level yet in 2021 with close to 60,000 homes sold across the Charlotte region. Sales increased 8% with an average sales price of $386,000.  Homes averaged 20 days on the market. Johnson says there’s still so much demand in our region and not enough supply.

“I think we’re going to see a similar environment again for the next five, six, seven years.”