Morning Brew: Ralph Lauren Has Revealed The 2022 U.S. Olympic And Paralympic Team Uniforms + A Wedding In The Metaverse

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — In this Pure Intentions Coffee Morning Brew, Ralph Lauren has revealed this year’s 2022 U.S. Olympic and Paralympic team uniforms and one couple from India has found a wedding venue that is unaffected by COVID restrictions, the Metaverse.

Ralph Lauren has revealed this year’s 2022 U.S. Olympic and Paralympic team uniforms for the opening ceremony of the Beijing winter games. The company has been the official outfitter of Team USA for over a decade and the latest look is equal parts fashion-forward and functional.  This year, athletes will rock a special jacket featuring “intelligent insulation” technology. The coat has a temperature-responsive fabric that adapts to cooler temperatures by expanding and creating a layer of insulation without battery-powered or wired technology.

Each part of Team USA’s ensembles was created in the United States and each piece was created with sustainability in mind. One of the vegan materials used is polyester fiber made with recycled plastic bottles. Fans can support Team USA by buying pieces from the new collection. The uniforms for women, men, boys, and girls are available online as well as in select stores.

Speaking of high-tech. One couple in India has found a venue unaffected by COVID restrictions, it’s called the Metaverse. The couple has invited 2,000 people to their virtual reception next month.  Both fans of Harry Potter, the pair have opted for a Hogwarts-themed party that guests can attend via their phones, tablets, or laptops. The legal wedding ceremony will still take place physically in front of close friends in the couples’ hometown. After the ceremony, the couple will log on to join their virtual party. The reception will last one hour. During the Metaverse celebration, the bride and groom will address their guests and guests will be able to explore a Hogwarts-themed castle as well as customize their avatars for the event. The Metaverse reception cost the couple about $2,000 to design, develop and host.