Edge On The Clock: Taylor Swift Calls Out Singer Accusing Her Of Not Writing Her Own Songs

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Taylor Swift is standing her ground, SATs will soon be going digital, and a flying car could be taking off in the future – all on Edge on the Clock.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is calling out the lead singer of the English rock band “Blur” after he accused her of not writing her own music.

On Twitter Swift said she had been a fan of Damon Albarn until she saw what he said.

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times Albarn claimed Swift doesn’t write her songs and that co-writing doesn’t count.

Swift has written or co-written all her songs since her career started.

Albarn has since apologized.


The SATs is going digital. The college board announced Tuesday that the standardized college-entrance exam will no longer be on paper starting in 2024 for American students.

It will still take place in a proctored setting but students have to bring their own computer.

The changed format shortens the test from three hours to about two.

Students will also get their results back within days.

Flying Car

A flying car is cleared for takeoff in Slovakia. The “air-car” transforms into a small aircraft in order to get off the ground.

The engine helps drive the propeller in the air and the wings fold back down with the touch of a button to let the wheels land on the ground.

You have to have a pilot’s license to fly.

The company hopes to have it commercially available within 12 months and it cost just under $2 million.