Mecklenburg County To Consider Ending Mask Mandate At Wednesday Meeting

CHARLOTTE, NC – Mecklenburg County’s mask mandate could be lifted as early as Wednesday.

Since the Omicron peak, new Covid cases are down 65% and hospitalizations are down 30%.

“Those are very promising numbers,” said Atrium Health Dr. Katie Passarretti.

Passarretti says we’re at a different place now in the fight against Covid. There are more people vaccinated. More tests available, and more education and awareness about Covid.

“We are taking those different factors into account. That we are at a different place,” explained Dr. Passaretti.

Commissioners are awaiting a report from Dr. Raynard Washington, the Mecklenburg County Health Director, and are ready to act.

“I think we’ve learned that this thing can turn on a dime and we have got to maintain our posture to be able to navigate and do whatever we can,” said District 6 Commissioner Mark Jerrell.

Jarrell says he would be okay with doing away with the mask mandate, if that is the recommendation. Saying we’re in a better position than we were over the holidays.

While the percent positive rate has dropped to 15 percent in just the last week; it still remains above the 5 percent target to withdraw the mask mandate.

“I think we were in a different space. It was a completely different time with respect to how we were trying to navigate the pandemic at that point,” said Jerrell.

Dr. Passarritti saying mask wearing will soon come down to whats the best for the overall health for the community.

“Those at higher risk, highest risk, need to continue to be cautious,” warned Dr. Passarretti.

We reached out to Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools for a comment on how it plans to handle the mask mandate decision. They did not respond.