Charlotte Bucket List For Spring 2022

CHARLOTTE N.C – Spring is around the corner, get a head start on exploring Charlotte by creating a bucket list.

Spring commences March 20, 2022!

Living in the beautiful Queen City, the options to explore are endless. With a decade of promenading around Charlotte, I’ve rounded up a nice collection of favorites for Spring and with how fast the city is growing there are always new experiences waiting for me. I’ve curated a bucket list of old and new Springy things to do!

Call me cliche but, I tend to move with the seasons. In the fall, I long for a glass of mulled wine and warm tea, mustard yellow scarves, and watching the foliage change from green to red and orange. The winters call for fuzzy socks, soups, and watching nostalgic movies– more specifically that means I sing along with Jack Skeleton while gazing at The Nightmare Before Christmas. But as we move away from the consistent cold days and get peaks of the sun, there’s a shift in my mind and body.  It happens every year. I prepare for the fluctuating temperatures and the effects on my body. I find humor in it these days. You know, how we’re all chilly and bundled up at dawn, and then stripping layers by the afternoon.

Mentally, the world appears lighter and warmer. The outdoors seems to welcome me, and as I witness the rebirth of nature, I begin to seek my own renewal and a fresh start. I think to myself, “the days are  longer and the world is calling, how can I make the most of this seasonal change?”

A bucket list always challenges me; it gives me a sense of purpose; and similar to the transitions of Spring, it promotes growth and a sense of accomplishment all while having fun!

I’m ecstatic to shift into Spring mode and ready to see everything Charlotte has to offer this season!

Whether you’re a native or a newcomer this bucket list is for you!

Are you up for the challenge?

Explore these food options:

Eat a slice at Inizio Pizza Napoletana

Drink a lavender vanilla latte at Summit Coffee (a personal favorite)

Try a dill pickle Pelicans Snoball

Try the bramble berry crunch at Jenni’s Ice Cream

Eat a Macaron ice cream sandwich at Ninety’s

Order from an actual hole in the wall, Reigning Doughnuts in NoDa

Grab a cookie butter milkshake at Cereal Bar

Purchase fresh groceries at the Farmers Market!

Eat a concha at Dulce Dreams Cafe! (Mexican sweet bread rolls)

Celebrate Taco Tuesday at RuRu’s in South End

Enjoy a french baguette and macaron at Amelies

Have lunch on the patio at La Belle Helene

Have brunch at The Grand Bohemian Hotel

Get Up and Active:

Relax your mind and body by taking a dance class with Queen City Zouk

Read a book at Freedom Park

Take a hike at Crowders Mountain

Visit UNC Charlotte’s Botanical Garden

Picnic at Romare Bearden Park

Stroll through the JW Clay Boardwalk

Go for a walk at the UNCC Green Way

Try sound healing and mediation at Khali Yoga

Visit Camp North End

Go rafting, rock climbing, mountain bike riding, kayaking, trail running, and zip-lining and more at the White Water Center

Capture the Queen City Skyline at CPCC

Buy flowers from a street vender in Uptown Charlotte

Stroll through the French Quarter Mall

Take a stroll through Uptown Charlotte


Hang out at the roof top at Merchant and Trade

Have dinner at Essex Bistro

Enjoy a smooth evening at Members Only

Sing karaoke at Noda 101

Have a drink at Cloud Bar

Take in the city views at Ink and Ivy

Snap a photo in front of the flower wall at Lost and Found

Take your pup to the Dog Bar

Go bar hopping in NoDa

Have a glass of wine and RH rooftop Restaurant

Sip and watch the sunset at The Chamber in NoDA

Fine dine at Angelines Italian Cuisine

Are you a homebody? Maybe getting out of the house isn’t how you want to bring in Spring. Don’t worry, I have you covered too! Get inspired for an at-home bucket list with these options:

In the home:

Adopt a house plant!

Watch Marie Kondo online for tips on getting organized!

Change out your winter decor.

Prep your yard for a spring garden, or add patio plants in your home.

Revamp your wardrobe.

Host an Easter dinner/ egg hunt.

Bring in the scents of Spring with candles.

Create a Spring playlist.

DIY Spring wreath for the front door.

Allow for more sunlight to come into your windows. Clean the windows with glass cleaner.  Allow the sun to radiate through your home!


If you have any great ideas for Spring, comment below! I’d love to see you having fun so send in your photos and share your bucket list progress!

Author: Dee Michel

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