More Records Possible This Weekend

AM Headlines:
  • Breezy Start
  • Cooler Day Post Front
  • Warmer Weekend
  • Rain Returns Next Week
It was a gorgeous day yesterday with Charlotte breaking a record high. Temps will be close to 25 degrees cooler after a cold front that passed through last night. Breezy this morning with sunny skies and highs in the low 60s this afternoon. Warmer weekend with temps reaching the low 70s Saturday. Highs will trek back towards 80 by Sunday with more clouds in the forecast. A strong cold front will bring rain back to the region Monday night. Expect scattered showers through Tuesday morning. The boundary will stall south of the region with pulses of energy bringing more rain to the region Wednesday and Thursday.
Pollen Forecast:
Tree pollen levels will remain high through the weekend. Highest pollen counts are from Cedar/Juniper (Eastern Red Cedar is the only native juniper in the Piedmont), Elm, and Maple.