Morning Brew: Students At The University Of Pittsburgh Have Created Cricket-Sized Robots + The Smithsonian Is Recognizing Women’s History Month

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — In this Pure Intentions Coffee Morning Brew segment, the Smithsonian is recognizing women’s history month by honoring more than 100 women in a new exhibit, and students at the University of Pittsburgh have created cricket-sized robots.

Right now you can learn more about the women who are changing the world through science, technology, engineering, and math through 120 3D statues. The Smithsonian says it’s the largest collection of women statues ever assembled. Women honored include Jessica Esquivel, Karina Popovich, and Rae Wynn Grant. Each statue features a QR code that visitors can scan with their phones to learn more about each woman. Visitors will be able to see the special exhibit now through March 27th at select museums.

Students at the University of Pittsburgh have created cricket-sized robots that can travel just about anywhere all by themselves. Students were inspired by bugs and their ability to fit in almost any space. The tiny, lightweight robots can follow commands and complete certain tasks with the main goal of fitting into “hard-to-reach” and confined spaces. Students programmed the machines to move like bugs – crawling and even jumping from one space to another through polymeric artificial muscle technology. The study was just published in the journal of advanced materials and technologies.