Smart Shopper: $10 Off All Orders At The Sweet Box CLT

Smart Shopper: $10 Off All Orders At The Sweet Box CLT

CHARLOTTE, NC–When it comes to celebrating our loved ones, especially our children, there is no lengths we won’t go to just to make sure they feel loved and cherished. 

With inflation high and prices rising everyday, I wanted to make sure everyone scored a sweet deal for their celebrations with today’s deal of the day! 

It all started two years ago around this time, right when the pandemic started. The Cake Lady, Melisa Tate was planning a small birthday celebration for her young daughter but didn’t have the money for those fancy designer cakes that you see on Instagram. So, what do all parents do when their backs are against the wall? 

Well, we get the job done! 

Cake Lady Melisa is self-taught. She started her baking business, The Sweet Box CLT  with a little bit of flour and a lot of faith. She says, if you’re on a budget for your special day, she’s got a sweet deal for you! 

Tate says, “There’s a way to still celebrate whether you’re 5, 55, or even 105. You can do it on a budget! With the pull apart cupcakes, for the entire month of March, I’m going to offer it at $55 where you can serve 24 people and whatever your theme is, we can talk about it and we can make it!” 

She is also offering $10 off your entire order! Click here for more information on how to place an order.