The SOUL Expo To Unite & Inspire Local Wellness Community On April 30th | PHOTOS

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The SOUL Expo is coming to Central Piedmont Community College Harris Conference Center on Saturday, April 30th, reuniting the wellness community after two years of COVID isolation.

Tickets are on sale here for $35 per person in advance or at the door for $45 per person.

Officials say the goal of The Soul Expo is to inspire positive change and bring awareness to exciting alternatives to traditional education, health, and business practices.

“The goal of The SOUL Expo is to not only expose people to new healing modalities and information but also to let them know that there is a community of like-minded souls they can connect with,” says co-founder, Katie Sutton. “It’s time that we begin healing the collective trauma that we have experienced over the last two years and The SOUL Expo is a part of that.”

Officials say the expo will feature a variety of presenters and panelists who approach their craft in a more mindful way.

Presenters include Dr. Cammy Benton who is working for the nonprofit organization, Compass Integrative Health, to launch an integrative health center/hospital, LitPro, a litigation and counseling service taking on Big Pharma, and educators who have created
alternative schools and programs to the traditional public education system and more.

Officials say 12 workshops and more than 40 vendors will be featured at the expo, including over 30 healers and readers practicing reiki, tarot, astrology, aura, ancestral eye readings, mediumship, massage and bodywork healing, and sound therapy.

Attendees can also book a healing session in advance with tickets purchased by April 15th or as a walk-in.